Red Desert

red desert


An #ootd.

This outfit is chic with a touch of bohemian. My belt and suede skirt adds the touch of bohemian. My blouse and booties give the chic vibe of the outfit.

TIP 12: To add two styles in one outfit, you need to find a blend of the two styles from different pieces.

Such as my skirt and belt brings the bohemian vibe and my top and shoes bring out the chicness of the outfit.


Travel Style | London

Haute Cuppa

London Walk





An #ootd.

This is what I wore when I traveled to London. It was comfortable and easy to roam around in the city and sightsee. I layered the leather jacket just cause its chilly in London. My sneakers also helped my feet through all the walking in the city.

My tip for travel: Dress comfortably.

NYC: Travel Style | NO BU



times square



An #ootn.

NYC is one of my favorite cities. To dine at a Manhattan fancy restaurant (I went to Nobu), you have to dress the part. I didn’t want to make my outfit “formal” but I also didn’t want to make it too casual. My destroyed boyfriend jeans speak for the “casual” in my outfit. The stilettos, blazer, and necklace are the fancier elements in my outfit.

TIP 11: One way to dress up jeans is to add dressier elements to the outfit. Some examples are wearing heels instead of sneakers, wearing a blazer instead of a sweater, and adding accessories.

lax sunday

lax sunday shoes

Lax Sunday

An #ootd.

This is an outfit to wear on Sunday. It’s laid back, simple, and somewhat “lazy”. I first started off with a grey t-shirt and boyfriend jeans. I wanted my outfit to be simple but not boring, so I added two statement pieces.. My shiny rainbowy cat-eye sunglasses and mint sandals amp up the outfit.

TIP 10: When you have a “boring” ensemble, add original statement pieces to transform your outfit from boring to simple chic.

Brunchin' in the City

Sugar & Stripes

An #ootd.

I challenged myself to wear one of the newest and risky trend: wide palazzo pants. The only tip I have for this outfit is TIP 3 from my “Purple Palazzo” outfit.

TIP 3: Whenever you have a crazy print, like my palazzo pants, match it with a solid colored item and you’re good to go.

These pants were also worn by Kylie Jenner! After I bought them I saw the snapchat where she wore these pants. Kylie Jenner has an amazing style 🙂



Desert Festival

An #ootd…

This is an ultimate outfit for a hot summer music festival. With my sandals, necklace, and skirt all being statement pieces, I only used the colors black, blue, and silver to not make my outfit chaotic.

TIP 7: When you have many statement pieces in your outfit, try to boil down your outfit to just a few colors so it looks put together.


An #ootd.

I tried doing something that people don’t do so often. I mixed prints!! When you do it right, it looks amazing and I love how my print mixing turned out. My simple, black wedges were to keep all eyes on my dress and kimono.

TIP 5: When you mix prints, it makes your life easier if you make sure all the print colors look good together.

TIP 6: Combining two busy, intricate prints can be too much. When you combine prints, make one item have a complex print (like my black kimono) and have the other print be larger and less complicated print (like my dress).

boyfriend blues clear

Boyfriend Blues

An #ootd

Ok… Don’t make fun of me for the name of this outfit. It’s super hard to figure out names and NO I don’t have boy troubles. The “boyfriend” is because I’m wearing my favorite boyfriend jeans. The “blues” is because the jeans are blue and I’m wearing a dark blue light jacket.

This is one good way to style up a boring outfit. I first just started off with the white cami and boyf jeans. I added some more monochromatic and small gold accents from my bag: the zipper, and my necklace. TIP 4: When you have a boring outfit, adding monochromatic colors and accessories can transform the outfit.