Red Desert

red desert


An #ootd.

This outfit is chic with a touch of bohemian. My belt and suede skirt adds the touch of bohemian. My blouse and booties give the chic vibe of the outfit.

TIP 12: To add two styles in one outfit, you need to find a blend of the two styles from different pieces.

Such as my skirt and belt brings the bohemian vibe and my top and shoes bring out the chicness of the outfit.

Travel Style | London

Haute Cuppa

London Walk





An #ootd.

This is what I wore when I traveled to London. It was comfortable and easy to roam around in the city and sightsee. I layered the leather jacket just cause its chilly in London. My sneakers also helped my feet through all the walking in the city.

My tip for travel: Dress comfortably.

NYC: Travel Style | NO BU



times square



An #ootn.

NYC is one of my favorite cities. To dine at a Manhattan fancy restaurant (I went to Nobu), you have to dress the part. I didn’t want to make my outfit “formal” but I also didn’t want to make it too casual. My destroyed boyfriend jeans speak for the “casual” in my outfit. The stilettos, blazer, and necklace are the fancier elements in my outfit.

TIP 11: One way to dress up jeans is to add dressier elements to the outfit. Some examples are wearing heels instead of sneakers, wearing a blazer instead of a sweater, and adding accessories.

lax sunday

lax sunday shoes

Lax Sunday

An #ootd.

This is an outfit to wear on Sunday. It’s laid back, simple, and somewhat “lazy”. I first started off with a grey t-shirt and boyfriend jeans. I wanted my outfit to be simple but not boring, so I added two statement pieces.. My shiny rainbowy cat-eye sunglasses and mint sandals amp up the outfit.

TIP 10: When you have a “boring” ensemble, add original statement pieces to transform your outfit from boring to simple chic.

How to recycle your old clothes and earn MONEY!

IMG_0134 Poshmark is a consignment store app that I have been using for over a year. I have made a sufficient amount of money from the app. You can earn 80% of the profit from your sales.

Basically, what you do on this app is you post a picture of an item of clothing, accessory, or shoe and describe what it is, what the size is, the retail price and what price you’re selling it for. People will start to be interested and once they purchase your item, you will receive a pre-paid shipping label and you drop the item off at the post office! After the package arrives to the buyer, you earn your money 🙂

You can also shop at other people’s “closets”. I am “hautestyles” on Poshmark. Please follow me and check out my closet! I have an invite code you can use and earn a $5 credit! Invite code: BZRJI

IMG_0137 IMG_0135IMG_0137

My Perfume Favorites

perfume faves perfume selfie

Here are some of my favorite perfumes for any type of scent.

Musky but still Feminine

chance chanel

I’ve been wearing Chance Chanel a lot recently. This is the original Eau De Parfum. It’s feminine, sensual, and has a light musk.

Fresh and Floral

daisy marc jacobs

Daisy by Marc Jacobs was the first perfume I ever used. It’s young, fresh, and very floral. This is the perfect everyday scent of spring and summer.

Sweet and Warm

prada candy

This is the original Prada Candy. Prada Candy is very warm, sweet, and has a very charming scent. I also like it because this scent is young, old, and also something in between too.

Girly and Fresh

viva la juicy

Viva La Juicy is a little bit similar to Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Viva La Juicy is fresh like Daisy by Marc Jacobs but it is more of a mature scent.

Fruity and Playful

mor lychee flower

Lychee Flower by Mor reminds me of a tropical beach. It has hints of many tropical fruits and its a very playful scent. The one problem I have with this perfume is that it doesn’t last as long, so I have to keep applying it.

Hope you found this post helpful! I’m a huge perfume/candle and everything that smells fanatic. You can buy all of these perfumes from Sephora expect for Lychee Flower by Mor. This was given to me from my second cousin, but you might be able to find this in your local makeup stores.



Brunchin' in the City

Sugar & Stripes

An #ootd.

I challenged myself to wear one of the newest and risky trend: wide palazzo pants. The only tip I have for this outfit is TIP 3 from my “Purple Palazzo” outfit.

TIP 3: Whenever you have a crazy print, like my palazzo pants, match it with a solid colored item and you’re good to go.

These pants were also worn by Kylie Jenner! After I bought them I saw the snapchat where she wore these pants. Kylie Jenner has an amazing style 🙂

Caitlyn Jenner is beautiful…

My thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner

First off, I think its amazing! She is finally free. I can’t imagine being confused, lost, and scared for 65 years about your identity. I think its a beautiful thing to be really be sure about who you are and commit to it physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Be you! And if anyone makes you feel ashamed for being you, forget them. They are ignorant, stubborn, and afraid of change. Just feel sorry for them that they don’t know how to open their eyes and understand.

I’m glad someone who is a major part of the public eye is experiencing this for everyone to see. That DOES NOT mean if you’re not famous and transgender, you’re irrelevant. It just means that there is a spokesperson for the community and more people have the opportunity to be aware of it.

I am also deeply proud of the Kardashians and Jenners for reacting so positively to her transition. I can’t imagine how hard it is for them. I watched the episode on Keeping Up With the Kardashians where they talk about Caitlyn’s transition. They explained how its almost like experiencing a death in the family, when a family member transitions. You thought you knew someone so well, but they were actually a lot different. The person you knew for so long is gone. However, the positive part of that is a better, happier version of that same person reappears.

I hope in our next generation, people find being transgender, gay, bisexual, and being straight all NORMAL things. I hope ignorance on this topic disappears and we treat every personal identity and sexuality all equally.