My Perfume Favorites

My Perfume Favorites

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Here are some of my favorite perfumes for any type of scent.

Musky but still Feminine

chance chanel

I’ve been wearing Chance Chanel a lot recently. This is the original Eau De Parfum. It’s feminine, sensual, and has a light musk.

Fresh and Floral

daisy marc jacobs

Daisy by Marc Jacobs was the first perfume I ever used. It’s young, fresh, and very floral. This is the perfect everyday scent of spring and summer.

Sweet and Warm

prada candy

This is the original Prada Candy. Prada Candy is very warm, sweet, and has a very charming scent. I also like it because this scent is young, old, and also something in between too.

Girly and Fresh

viva la juicy

Viva La Juicy is a little bit similar to Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Viva La Juicy is fresh like Daisy by Marc Jacobs but it is more of a mature scent.

Fruity and Playful

mor lychee flower

Lychee Flower by Mor reminds me of a tropical beach. It has hints of many tropical fruits and its a very playful scent. The one problem I have with this perfume is that it doesn’t last as long, so I have to keep applying it.

Hope you found this post helpful! I’m a huge perfume/candle and everything that smells fanatic. You can buy all of these perfumes from Sephora expect for Lychee Flower by Mor. This was given to me from my second cousin, but you might be able to find this in your local makeup stores.




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